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Last week a team of developers released the first untethered iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak, dubbed “Pangu.” At the time, the application only ran on Windows and the entire interface was in Chinese. However, a Mac version of the software was promised, and today that promise has been kept.

Pangu 1.1 was released on the dev team’s website earlier today and brings a handful of changes. Most importantly, the software now supports Mac OS X and sports a new English UI. The update goes deeper than just the desktop app, though. Bug fixes have been made to the jailbreak itself to fix issues such as a boot loop on certain devices that was being reported by those who had used version 1.0.

Finally, English users no longer need to worry about the shady third-party software that was being installed along with the jailbreak (unless you remembered to un-check that box). The “PP25″ installer will no longer be an option for users with their language set to English, though it seems Chinese users will still be offered the choice.

As noted above, you can grab Pangu 1.1 from the developer’s website.

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21 Responses to “Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 updated with English interface, OS X support, and more”

  1. RJ Roser says:

    If i have previously jailbroken.. with version 1.0 should I jailbreak again using this version while still jailbroken?


    • Mike Beasley says:

      Not 100% sure, depends on whether your device was one of the ones experiencing a boot loop. I did again on my iPhone 5 and ran into a couple issues re-doing it. Had to restore my phone and run the jailbreak about five times before it worked.

      I discovered it works best if you restore the phone, then do the jailbreak, THEN restore from your backup, rather than doing the backup before the jailbreak.


  2. standardpull says:

    But is it open source so that people with some programming skills can check that it doesn’t do anything nefarious?

    There is no reason for the developers not to open source it except if they’re hiding something. There is no way in hell I would install this on any device that I would enter or type any kind of password or credit card on. No way in hell. Because no one in the world could possibly tell me if it isn’t one huge back door.


    • Mike Beasley says:

      The devs who usually release jailbreaks have already said it’s safe.


      • standardpull says:

        Devs that release jailbreaks usually release their code so that others can compile and run it so someone in the world can validate that the jailbreak code installed on your phone doesn’t add malicious code to, for example, steal all your keystrokes or your passwords
        Or send all your data to a server in China. But in this case both the developers and the code itself is anonymous, created by an unknown party for unknown reasons. There is no reason for them to be both shy and to hide the code they want you to install on your phone. One would have to be nuts to install any mystery program that works at the lowest level on any computer, and particular your primary telephone.

        I’m sure no one here would do so, but perhaps others are dumb enough to try to both install it AND trust the security of their information on the same device. Very foolish, of course.


    • Bai Hua says:

      That’s why they said “at your own risk” you moron. And how da hell do you know that no one here would do so? You have your own choice but do not judge ppl, you sucker


  3. greyitout says:

    Downloaded it but didn’t work on my old iPad3. The application times-out before my iPad can finish rebooting. Perhaps they will add a few seconds to the wait period in a future release.


  4. Belinda Macy says:

    I have installed and ran the pangu app…it comes up saying connect your device and press jailbreak button to start. this will not allow me to do this step


  5. Karan Arya says:

    Shall i Upgrade my ipad 2 which is ios 6 and jailbroken to 7.1 is this jailbreak reliable ?


  6. hi, i jailbroke my ipad 2 with pangu i upgraded to ios 7.1.1 before the jailbreak via cable on itunes. i then jailbroke my ipad and a couple of hours later i was in cydia and it froze so i left it for awhile but nothing happened so i tried to exit and it wouldnt so i locked it and now my ipad wont unlock the screen stays black but if i get an email my ipad still makes the sound but nothing happens on the screen please help me out


  7. Som Dhaval says:

    I have doubts this software has spyware. Two indications I saw – I had some “Wein Han Ios profile” built in after the jailbreak, under Settings>General>, check that and delete it. 2. requests to add from unknown after the jailbreak on Skype, never had that before. 3. Cellular data seems to be on for all the applications, even after disabling multiple times, an override?


  8. What do i click to get the jailbreak?


  9. Hi there, and thanks for any and all support you might be able to provide this rube. I have an iPad2 that I cannot get past the ‘Activate iPad’ screen. I have tried to jailbreak it using Pangu, but it did not get past the ‘injecting bundles’ phase. Am I doing something wrong here and/or is there anything I can do to ensure that I get past this and get this iPad working?

    Thanks so much for your help.


  10. After Jailbreak, I have observed suspicious activity on phone where data gets transfered.. Small circle kind of loop which rotates at the top .. which generally happen when phone interacts with any server


  11. Vivek Anand says:

    Dear Pangu team,

    I have recently jailbreak my i phone 4 (7.1.1) at this get stuck with the key lock

    It open with the lock screen when you open the lock with you password it re boot again,

    Please help me in getting this sorted.


  12. indrekuni says:

    Pangu jb works great! But after this i cannot see phone calling history :) and mxtube keeps loading. Some securyty problems?


  13. PLEASE HELP: I downloaded Pangu Jailbreaking software and to jailbreack my iphone but i wanted to go back to the version i had before i jailbreaked my iphone so i followed the steps and now its stuck in a loop it shows the loading spinning wheel. I took the sim card out as well. PLEASE HELP ME


  14. cristisukaru says:

    Hey can’t you give me the link where to download the pangu please on English and post a comment with link please