A new photo posted to Apple.Club.tw shows off what is claimed to be the LCD and home button bracket for the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6. We’ve already gotten a look at several parts of the unannounced smartphone in recent leaks, from the sapphire crystal glass to the front of the shell in both black and white. Yesterday we got a look at the back casing for this device as well.

It’s difficult to tell if this part actually belongs to the iPhone 6. It is possible this is a frame for the upcoming Amazon Fire Phone which has a similar structure and camera components on all four corners. The frame also appears less round and thicker than the previously leaked iPhone 6 frames.

These aren’t the first such leaks in recent months. We’ve seen other photos of the front and back of the 4.7-inch phone from last month. The part shown in this new photo seems to fit with those components.

The LCD for the 5.5-inch model of the phone has also been photographed, though leaks regarding the larger version seem to be much less plentiful than the 4.7-inch. Some rumors have indicated that difficulty with production could lead to delays with that model. New details about the device’s processor emerged today, and earlier this month new information about the phone’s battery revealed that it may not see the boost many people were hoping for.

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7 Responses to “4.7-inch iPhone 6 LCD bracket shown in new photo?”

  1. i wonder if it’s too much asking that after so many leaks, somebody put the iPhone 6 LCD under the microscope so we can finally find out the damn resolution of the display?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cun Con says:

    It seems to me 5.5″ iPhone will never happen.


  3. I don’t think that’s an iPhone… home button looks rectangular, SIM slot looks to be too low, side holes looks to be speaker grills, frame looks to be plastic… this is like a Samsung phone or something.


  4. Tim Jr. says:

    Looks plastic.. fake..


  5. eldonchew says:

    The 4 “holes” at each corner of the phone looks like openings for Fire Phone’s front-facing 3D Cameras.