Image via AP

Image via AP

Apple CEO Tim Cook has now participated in two charity auctions through the site Charitybuzz, first raising $610,000 for coffee with the CEO then $330,000 for lunch and an invitation to an Apple event, and now Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue is offering his time as well in an effort to raise money for a good cause. The winning bidder for the Apple executive’s auction will specifically win the opportunity to have lunch with Eddy Cue at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California, as well as a 13-inch MacBook Air…

While the money raised from Cook’s efforts went toward the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, money raised from the winning bid in Eddy Cue’s auction will support the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation.

The auction to have lunch with Eddy Cue at Apple’s HQ and take home a MacBook Air has so far netted $9,500 with two days left before the final bid can be placed.

Charitybuzz lists the estimated value of the auction just over its current bid at $10,000. With Tim Cook’s past auctions, though, the bidding amount has risen considerably in the hours leading up to the auction deadline.

You can place your bid on lunch with Eddy Cue (and a 13-inch MacBook Air) here at Charitybuzz’s site.

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6 Responses to “Eddy Cue offering up lunch and a MacBook Air for charity”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    It’s great to see Eddy Cue do this. I’m happy that Apple executives are really doing even more for various charitable causes.


  2. I’d be more interested in having lunch with Apple’s silver fox Craig Federighi.


  3. Dave Huntley says:

    I would love a spot of tea with Mr Cook and Laddy Ive – but alas 610,000 is out of my budget :(

    Would love to see cafe apple too ! Not to mention buy a tee shirt. This would be one expensive day…


  4. vkd108 says:

    whats the point in lunching with him? he probably eats meat and he wont tell you nothing important. and you gotta pay stupid money just to sit and look at his pudding face. what a retarded world we live in with so many gullible lemmings sucked in by any old nonsense that tittilates their over-excited neurones