Shazam, the popular music identifier service that will be integrated into Siri this fall with iOS 8, has received an update today for iOS that brings a major new feature. Shazam has essentially turned its app into a streaming music service of sort by integrating deeply with Rdio. Now, if you tag a song using Shazam, you can listen to the complete song via Rdio right within the Shazam app. In our brief testing today, the functionality seems to work well. You do need the Rdio app installed and an Rdio account.

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4 Responses to “Shazam’s iOS app becomes a bit more useful with new Rdio integration”

  1. For such a seemingly “small” update, that is a pretty big change. Rdio users are going to love this. I’m curious to see whether they’ll extend this to other partners in the future.


  2. This is a pretty solid feature. It only saves me a few taps, but it feels much more convenient than that.


  3. rippedmonkeys says:

    Awesome! This is great news to me. These are two of my most favorite and heavily used app (early adoptir of both). I appreciate this kind if integration, and am looking forward to Apple’s usage of Siri+Shazam. I enjoy simple, seamless integration. I
    Hope Shazam fixed an issue of when I would have trouble playing music via bluetooth streaming. Here’s what I would be doing:
    1. Already have Rdio previously playing and is paused—Rdio is in multi-task background; 2. Later am browsing Shazam’s “Pulse” and find a song I want to play in Rdio; 3. Pushed the “Play in Rdio” but it wouldn’t play automatically via bluetooth. (It seems to work fine when the headphones are plugged in though.) So to get it to work, sometimes “Shazam\Play in Rdio” option would work if I remove Rdio from the multi-task tray, first. So then Shazam would launch Rdio fresh. But even then, it didn’t play that specific song every time. Either it would just load the album and highlight the song, or Rdio would show a blank page—possibly because the song became unavailable.
    Anyway, I still like both apps, and am glad they both keep striving for integration and the improvements to the UI (although I miss some things from the v1.0 from Shazam and Rdio).


  4. rippedmonkeys says:

    Even though I like and appreciate discovering new music in Rdio, I’m glad you can listen to the full track within Shazam; so one can continue to browse and discover new music in Shazam. (Because “Play in Rdio” doesn’t switch over to the Rdio app, now {yay}). This will save switching back and forth between the two apps. Not that it was too much effort to begin with. (Listening in Rado and switching back to Shazam\Pulse, to discover more music.)