Shazam Stories August 20

Apple Music’s new ‘Shazam Discovery’ playlist features new songs from up-and-coming artists

Apple Music has launched a new featured playlist that leverages data from its Shazam music recognition service. “Shazam Discovery” highlights 50 “up-and-coming songs from breaking artists” and will be updated weekly.

Shazam Stories February 20

Shortly after its acquisition of Shazam last year, Apple took the music tagging application ad-free. To follow-up on that change, Apple has now removed nearly all third-party SDKs from the app as well.

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Shazam Stories September 24, 2018

Apple officially owns music tagging service Shazam. After confirming plans to buy the company in December 2017, Apple announced today that the deal has closed and it is removing ads from the service.

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Shazam Stories September 6, 2018

The EU has approved Apple’s acquisition of Shazam (via Reuters), the music recognition and discovery service. Apple announced it was buying the company in December, but had to wait on EU approval which launched an anticompetitive investigation to decide whether Apple’s purchase would lock out competition and unfairly elevate Apple Music.

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Shazam Stories August 22, 2018

Apple’s Shazam acquisition expected to be approved in EU after investigation

Despite announcing plans to buy Shazam last December, Apple still doesn’t own the music recognition service due to pending regulatory approval in Europe. With the deadline for an investigation into the acquisition set for September 4, Reuters is reporting that a decision in favor of Apple is likely.

Shazam Stories April 23, 2018

Apple confirmed plans to buy music tagging service Shazam back in December, but Apple’s acquisition of the London-based firm still hasn’t received EU antitrust regulatory approval yet. Apple moved to close the deal back in March when the European Commission took control of the approval process, and a decision to OK the deal or launch an in-depth investigation was promised today.

First reported by Reuters, the European Commission has formally moved to launch an ‘in-depth’ four month investigation into the proposed deal before allowing or blocking Apple’s takeover of Shazam. The EC says the risk of Apple buying Shazam is limiting choice of music streaming services…

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