Shazam Stories January 3

A recent report from The New York Times highlights a controversial piece of software named Alphonso that tracks users’ TV habits. Alphonso is quietly built into many iOS and Android apps and also has a deal with Shazam which Apple is buying.

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Shazam Stories December 19, 2017

On the heels of Apple officially announcing it will be acquiring Shazam, the popular music recognition and tagging app has released an update today that brings offline mode to iOS.

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Shazam Stories December 13, 2017

Apple is a rich company, but even so, a rumored $400M is a lot of money to spend on buying a single app. So some eyebrows were raised when Apple confirmed its acquisition of Shazam earlier this week.

Shazam already powers Siri’s music recognition, so will at least be saving the ongoing licensing fee it paid for this, but what could justify spending so much money on the app … ?

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Shazam Stories December 11, 2017

Shazam! Apple is buying the British software company behind the popular music tagging and recognition app.The deal was first reported as likely happening last Friday, and today Apple confirmed the acquisition to 9to5Mac.

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Shazam Stories December 8, 2017

Update 12/11: Confirmed!

Apple may be planning to purchase the company behind the popular song tagging service Shazam, TechCrunch reports. The deal could be worth around $400 million (so not much for Apple) and announced as soon as next week.

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Shazam Stories May 17, 2017

A clever ad campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK – a charity working to prevent, treat and cure dementia – generated more than two million ad impressions, says the agency behind it. The campaign saw the Shazam app apparently having difficulty remembering the names of songs …

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