main When Apple made a big fuss over the ability of the Mac Pro to support three 4K displays, it signalled that it could only be a matter of time before the company created its own. As I predicted back in October of last year, the company made no attempt to rush this, but we’re now hearing that Apple is close to finishing work on either a 4K Apple Thunderbolt Display, a 4K iMac or both.

Texas State University student Edgar Rios has put together these gorgeous-looking concept images. The nearly-invisible size bezels shown here are clearly stretching beyond breaking point the boundaries of what would be possible from an engineering perspective, but I’m sure we can expect the bezels of the real thing to have been slimmed down. Not quite this much, though:


As well as the traditional bare anodized aluminium stand, Rios also shows what it would look like in black. Check out the gallery and let us know your thoughts.

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13 Responses to “Bēhance concept shows gorgeous (if impractical) Apple 4K display renders”

  1. Tim Jr. says:

    I would love to see an updated TB display.. don’t even want 4k.. Just updated to USB 3, current Mag power adaptor and Thunderbolt 2 would be nice. Has not been updated since 2012.

    Just don’t see me needing 4k…

    Liked by 1 person

    • If Apple releases a 4K display they would probably label it Retina. I strongly encourage you to try out a MacBook Pro Retina before saying you don’t need 4K. After working a lot with my Retina MacBook on the go it is quite awful when I return to my iMac 27 at home.

      You don’t have to do serious work with Pro Tools like Photoshop to appreciate the great display. I mainly write code with my macs and can work with my MacBook for hours without it getting exhausting for my eyes. Can’t wait to upgrade my iMac to 4K/Retina.


      • Tim Jr. says:

        I don’t see it and I have exactly the setup you mention.. a 2013 late rMBP and a 27″ 2560 x 1440…

        I work all day on the 27″ and then use my rMBP in evenings .. Just don’t see it.. The 27″ is already a ‘1440p’ screen.. Looks awesome to me..

        A lot of this ‘retina’ and 4k is hyperbole that many ‘see’ .. Unless you have 20/20 vision / corrected… which many don’t, it’s mostly in your head IMO..

        The old ‘EGO’ bigger is better mentality so it must ‘look’ better and I don’t want to not be in the ‘in crowed’ by saying I don’t see..

        Well, I don’t see it.. ;p


      • Tim Jr. says:

        Besides.. there are several reasons the rMBP screen looks better that have NOTHING to do with screen resolution..

        They used new technology in that screen to provide less reflection w/o going with a matt screen for example.. It’s superior display to the iMac (not talking about resolution) .. backlighting, reflection, color reproduction ,etc.. The Thunderbolt display is even worse..

        We’re getting to the point where resolution is more of a marketing ploy than of any real value. There are so many things of more value ..


      • @Timjr umm if you don’t see it, your eyesight is awful. A LOT of people either have perfectly fine eyesight, or they wear corrective lenses… It’s a scientific fact that it is far better, and you can easily see the difference if your eyesight is half decent. Not just a far sharper image, but much better colors and probably contrast in the fact that they are smaller pixels. You seem upset that you can’t see the difference. Go buy glasses.


      • PMZanetti says:

        FUD. You are either trolling or have terrible eyes, Tim Jr. There is a night and day difference between a 27″ iMac and a Retina MacBook Pro.


    • thomasskyg says:

      I guess you can’t tell the difference between the display of an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 either then?


    • You’re kidding, right? Retina display is awesome! What’s wrong with you! Sharper texts and images, you don’t want those? I call it BS.


  2. Sebastian Rasch says:

    The black stand looks freaking amazing!!


  3. Not sure the bezel less design really breaks the engineering limits. Take a look at the ASUS MX279H, that’s a pretty thin border. Also, wasn’t there a patent recently from Sharp about putting the display connections behind the LCD, so you can do bezel-less displays?


  4. airmanchairman says:

    Retina iMac is my desktop holdout to date.

    Hope my patient wait will be over by next Spring or Summer.

    IOS 9 would hopefully have been announced by then with some new ground-breaking features and functionality to enhance the OS X / iOS integration.

    Onwards and upwards…