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Confirming our report from earlier this month, Target has revived its $199 iPad mini sale (Direct Link) this morning. At the time of posting it’s available both online at and at Target retail locations. That’s even $30 less than the retail price of top Android tablets Nexus 7 or Kindle HDX.

We’ve been told by a Target rep that quantities are limited and as such we highly recommend picking one up today. This deal is $100 better than retail and $20 less than Apple charges for a refurbished model. The non-Retina iPad mini features a 7.9-inch LED-backlit display, 10-hour battery life, and dual-core A5 chip.

Seperately, Staples is offering all WiFi-enabled iPad Airs (Space Gray or Silver) for $30 off (Direct link). Coupon code 79449 drops them another $100 yielding $369/$469/$569 on 16/32/64GB Wifi models.

As we’ve said before, these deals often sell out quick so if you are going to make a move, do so quickly.

Also, Apple is widely expected to update its iPads again in October but these prices are at or below what we expect current models to drop to so you are getting Apple’s holiday prices today.


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12 Responses to “Deep iPad discounts at Staples and Target: $199 16GB Minis ($100 off), Airs $130 off AC(starting at $369)”

  1. xprmntr says:

    Why highly recommend a small tablet with the equivalent of over 3 year old specs? No retina display, and sluggish performance, only 16 gigs? No, don’t bite people.


    • gnomehole says:

      Because its only $199, thats why. Some kids would die for this, and the price just might make it good enough for parents to bite. Not everyone needs the latest greatest.


      • xprmntr says:

        Two hundred bucks is still a good chunk of change for something that’ll be even cheaper when the next gen models come out in a month or two, the. Ur be able to get the 2nd gen mini which is at least 4 times faster, and at a cheaper price. I know this is just a clearance sale before the new gen stuff, but not advice I would give to people, I’d say hold off another month or two and get better products for around the same cost


  2. shm1ck83 says:

    I would have to agree with xprmntr’s comment. Think back to the first Gen iPad specs, It was found by most tech people to be able to run iOS 6 yet it was left out, now put that same theory to the fist gen iPad mini, iOS 8 comes out and going by history it could be left out. Now I hope this does not happen but if anyone asks me about buying an iPad mini I suggest them to wait or get the retina model.
    Also note that the second Gen iPad uses the same A5 chip as does the iPhone 4S, so if the first Gen iPad mini does get iOS 8 so should the second Gen iPad and iPhone 4S.

    Now wouldn’t that be the longest support for an iOS device? Could someone clarify that?


  3. Big rummage sale!
    Sell what is not any more sold.


  4. charismatron says:

    Insane and unbelievable! Company’s dumping stock before the next gen of the same product comes out. I dare say this is getting predictable as it has happened every single year since the dawn of time. :)

    Some will buy and others will wait. But dumping stock will always remain the same.


  5. moofer1972 says:

    Aren’t all iPads wifi enabled? Don’t you mean wifi-only?


  6. davedp66 says:

    coupon code doesnt work, says its expired. so its only a 30 dollar discount thats available…


  7. Yes, $100 off coupon code for the iPad Air is expired.