Yesterday there were a few claims going around that Apple’s recent change to Gatekeeper app signing for developers was the result of a Dev Center security breach. TUAW reported yesterday on a few random tweets and others picked up the story. As you’d probably expect, we have some good news: It’s not true…

We’ve now confirmed with sources close to the situation that there is no truth to the rumors and that a Dev Center breach was not the reason behind the Gatekeeper app signing changes.

Apple notified developers earlier this month that due to behind the scene changes to the way app signing works in the latest Mavericks and Yosemite developer previews, app developers would have to resign and update their apps to the Mac App Store using Mavericks or later.   Doing so will let developers avoid any potential issues with the OS X Gatekeeper feature that recognizes signed apps and helps protect users from potential security threats.

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One Response to “Confirmed: Security breach is not reason for Gatekeeper app signing changes”

  1. It made sense, but I’m glad that it wasn’t the case.