Shortly after adding 19 more acts to the line-up for the iTunes Festival running in London throughout September, Apple has now pushed the iTunes Festival channel to Apple TV, ready for live HD streaming once the show begins … 

The channel is currently offering information about the line-up, the famous Roundhouse venue and a history of the festival.

The festival is now in its 8th year since its launch in 2007, and over 430 artists have performed to live audiences totalling 430,000 people, with tens of millions more watching online. The line-up for this year can also be seen on the dedicated website, with around 20 more artists promised.

The iTunes Festival channel last appeared on Apple TV back in March, ahead of the SXSW concerts.

Thanks BMumford!

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5 Responses to “iTunes Festival London channel arrives on Apple TV for September extravaganza”

  1. Pi Synth says:

    Question for Apple and the BBC – how hard would it be to get the iPlayer on there? Really, it’s preposterous that the ‘class-leading’ set-top box for the UK market doesn’t allow you to watch BBC on demand. My Samsung TV has iPlayer integration. And – read this Apple – it is a SAMSUNG! Isn’t your pride even remotely stung by this??


  2. What better way to celebrate iTunes than a leading act who can literally stream his entire show from iTunes without anybody knowing the difference?