In a new report, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said not to expect the redesigned Lightning connector or power adaptor to feature as part of the iPhone 6’s package, quoting cost reasons. The new Lightning connector was intriguing in that it was reversible on both ends, including a specially-designed USB connector so that it could be inserted both ways up.

The power adaptor was admittedly less exciting, and mirrored the form factor of the chargers seen in Australia. As the components were widely leaked, it led to speculation that Apple was producing them to debut alongside the iPhone 6. This assertion no longer seems to be the case.

Kuo says that the new parts would only offer ‘limited improvements to overall user experience’ and are not worth the additional cost it would take Apple to include them. Kuo’s comments corroborate with, who said the components were simply not ready to ship in time for the iPhone 6 debut.

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4 Responses to “Analyst says not to expect reversible USB Lightning connector to ship with iPhone 6”

  1. Definitely would have been cool. Who knows, maybe they’ll launch it separately or perhaps at an event in October (the expected iPad refresh).


  2. Why do Apple’s cables always cost so much ? – a cable which is cloned by the Chinese aftermarket, and costing a few dollars, can have an equivalent sold by Apple for somewhere around $25; similarly with all those useful little connectors and adapters – the Apple version is hugely expensive – so driving users straight to the Chinese clones.