If there’s one thing as certain as the hype when Apple launches a new iPhone, it’s the “Apple is doomed” messages when the new model(s) fail to meet every single analyst prediction, no matter how crazy. Apple could add a matter transporter function to the iPhone 6 and some analyst would be complaining that it only operates on WiFi when they were expecting it to use LTE.

Business Insider pointed to a set of CNN charts which show that, typically, the AAPL stock price is down a month after a new iPhone launch. But any similar dip we might see after the launch of the iPhone 6 is no cause for concern: with the exception of 2013, Apple stock has been climbing since the first iPhone was launched in 2007.

As ever, make your own investment decisions with the aid of professional advice, but there certainly doesn’t appear to be any reason to be spooked if the launch of the new iPhone leads to some investors selling their shares. “Buy on the rumor, sell on the news” is a very common approach.

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9 Responses to “PSA: Don’t be surprised (or worried) if AAPL stock dips after iPhone 6 launch …”

  1. Happens every year. Especially if they introduce a wearable, it will take a tumble.


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Apple stock is messed up when you try to compare it to companies like Amazon, Google or Netflix. Investors always have a positive outlook for those companies and even if they don’t turn out as well as expected their share price rises on events. Take the Amazon Fire Phone. Not great in terms of sales but Amazon’s share price continues to rise. I’m not concerned what Apple’s share price does during the event. I do expect Apple’s share price to rise if they break all sorts of sales records during that quarter. I’m in it for the long haul and I’ve been pleased so far. However, I still get annoyed having to listen to “Apple is doomed” theories all the time. What is with these people? If Apple is doomed then all the companies below them in wealth should also be doomed. Apple can afford to do anything it wants to direct its future without breaking a sweat. They don’t even have as much employee overhead as many companies do. Apple’s retail stores will continue to provide high sales for Apple products. If Apple takes the lead in mobile payments then I’d say the sky is the limit for Apple.

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  3. It will be different this time around….. History does not always repeat itself.


  4. xprmntr says:

    If your the best, there’ll be more people that hate you than if your mediocre


  5. rettun1 says:

    After a rough inspection of the stock about a year ago, it also looks like it rose in the month following the announcement/release of the 5s. Hard to say what we should expext though


  6. herb02135go says:

    It sure seems this website is providing stock advice that benefits Apple.
    I wonder if they have their new iPhone yet, since we know favorable media get them sooner so they can wrote their glowing reviews?