Major United Kingdom-based carrier O2 is teasing the upcoming iPhone 6 launch(es) with a humorous newspaper ad today. The ad is fairly self-explanatory. But to fill in the blanks, the new iPhone will debut at the September 9th Apple event and at least some models will likely become available on September 19th. The bigger, 5.5-inch phone is seeing some delays, and that model possibly won’t hit the streets until later in the month or even October. As for the name, the general consensus is either “iPhone 6″ or “iPhone Air.” Thanks to The Verge‘s Tom Warren for bringing the ad to our attention.

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9 Responses to “UK carrier O2 teases new iPhone with funny newspaper ad”

  1. I wonder if they did unintentionally let out *something about the next iphone: if you look at the length of the crossed out area, it’s longer than simply the characters “iPhone 6″ would fill. Maybe a clue? iPhone Air perhaps? I guess we’ll find out soon enough…


  2. freediverx says:

    If only more advertisers favored clever & amusing over misleading & obnoxious… we might not hate ads so much,

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  3. Clever


  4. Tim Jr. says:

    iPhone Air (4.7″)
    iPhone Pro (5.5″)

    you watch.. :D

    Think the iPad Pro will be the 12.9″ iPad too.. some type of integrated keyboard like the surface.. though I think it’ll be some type of convergence of iOS and OS X..

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