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Rachel Riley, who also hosts UK quiz show Countdown, presented the new Galaxy Note (alongside some other Samsung executives) at their Unpacked event today. Recognizing her from the UK TV show, I thought I’d check her Twitter — amusingly she’s an iPhone user.

In fairness, Samsung never said that she used Galaxy phones herself, but still …. a bit embarrassing.

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15 Responses to “Samsung presenter Rachel Riley is an iPhone user”

  1. Kris Rapier says:

    She’s not employed by Samsung, she was the guest presenter because she’s a host for Countdown and The Gadget Show, so who cares if she has an iPhone.


    • What I’d expect a fandroid to say. LOL.

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      • Kris Rapier says:

        What I’d expect from a troll.


      • Funny how self-declared “Android Gurus” (seriously, that’s what Kris considers himself to be), can only come up with “troll” when they are called out on being a fanboy.

        Samsung has a history of having their presenters or ‘spokespeople’ touting Samsung in public, but actually (and visibly) using iPhones regularly and for their actual usage – this is, by all measures, a marketing and promotion failure. This instance continues that trend.

        Regardless of how much it hurts the fragile feelings of fankids.


      • Kris Rapier says:

        What is truly scary, is that you had to go look up that information in your selfish, prepubescent need for self gratification. I actually use a Macbook Pro. I also have a laptop for Linux and Android Development, and a Windows Desktop for gaming.

        Rachel is not employed by Samsung, she is a guest speaker chosen solely because she is the host of The Gadget Show, which is a European show that focuses on consumer technology. Given that it’s most likely a popular show in Europe, and this happened to be taking place in Berlin during IFA 2014, which happens to be Europe’s largest consumer tech event, it probably made since to have her as a presenter. Would you not agree that mobile devices fall into the category of “Consumer Technology”. I’m also quite sure she was paid to be a presenter and I’m betting Samsung didn’t care or even ask what kind of mobile device she uses.


    • jrox16 says:

      Plus she’s purdy…

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  2. Pavol Derkay says:

    I think that the whole presentation was a disaster. Why 3 speakers? They were not synchronised and not funny. The videos that played on the big screen were sometimes without sound, lights didn’t go out so ppl can focus on the videos etc… It was just painful for me to watch. Compared to Apple’s presentations it was sub-par.

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    • Seems par for the course for Samsung, including Samsung’s continued and consistent sticking their for in their mouth by using spokespeople or reps that privately and obviously use iPhone devices (Despite Kris’ desperate attempts to pretend that it doesn’t matter).

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  3. kplayaja says:

    Poor Samsung… This keeps happening to them!