iMac update clues

Is Apple going to upgrade the processors and hard drives on the Aluminum iMac in the coming weeks? 


  • Apple is currently offereing up to $400 off of the refurbished Aluminum iMacs.  
  •, a German site thinks it will be this week
  • Intel is trying to phase out the Merom procssors that the current iMacs have (see MacBook Updates) for Penryns
  • iMacs use the same class of processors as the MacBook/Pros.
  • Apple is on an update tear lately with something, howver small, every week.  The SDK might be next weeks goodie but how long can they go without throwing a processor update at the iMac?

So if you can wait a bit (and resist the $400 off refurb) on purchasing an iMac, you might be rewarded with some better specs.


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