The Guardian today is running a piece on five ways the new 3G iPhone could change the music distribution industry.

  1. Unlimited Music downloads on the mobile itunes Library?  Maybe not now but soon.
  2. iTunes is currently in 22 countries.  The iPhone will be in many more.  Expect Apple to close the gap with many more international iTunes music store releases
  3. The experience of having a mobile device that can also purchase music in a smooth package is something new and revolutionary.
  4. Subscription model – not just for unlimited tracks – but also a possible model based on "by musician" type model.  Imagine Music meets podcast.  Paid subscription.  New music as the band produces it.
  5. It doesn’t stop there.  With all of the tools avaialble on the iPhone, you can also mix and record music…or add to your favorites.  It truly is a new paradigm – in your pocket.



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