Did Hackintosh just beat Linux?

Oh, dayum!  We just noticed something peculiar in this week’s marketshare numbers from Net Applications.  Sketchy Mac OS’s that didn’t register version numbers outpaced Linux (and the iPhone) in January.  Those is most likely Hackintoshes.

Can we start talking about a mid-range Mac yet?


Operating System      Total Market Share

  Windows XP      63.76%
  Windows Vista      22.48%
  Mac OS X 10.5      5.28%
  Mac OS X 10.4      2.74%
  Windows 2000      1.37%
  Mac OS X (no version reported)      1.00%
  Linux      0.83%
  iPhone      0.48%
  MacIntel      0.47%
  Mac OS X Mach-O      0.29%

  Windows 98      0.23%
  Mac OS      0.14%

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