That’s the rumor that Techcrunch is throwing out there this morning.  The cash amount?  $700 million.  Does this make sense for Apple?  Where would it fit?

Google tried to buy it but was rebuffed by Twitter CEO Evan Williams, says a source with knowledge of the talks. Today, though, rumors popped up that Apple may be looking to buy Twitter. “Apple is in late stage negotiations to buy Twitter and is hoping to announce it at WWDC in June,” said a normally reliable source this evening, adding that the purchase price would be $700 million in cash.

We’re thinking this is unlike Apple and very unlikely, but never say never.  Apple did start Twittering their Trailers feed, and it is no secret that Twitter founders are big Apple fans.  That’s about all we could come up with.

Update: A much better fit (but from a bad source), especially with where Apple has been going lately, is Electronic Arts.  Fast(way to lose your)Money has the quote:

Adami noted that there is chatter that Apple is eyeing Electronic Arts as a takeover target.

On a seperate note: Twitterers, remember to pick up 9to5mac’s Twitter feed here.


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