We’re not sure why but everyone seems to be jumping on the "Chome is now available for Mac" story.  A few points:

  • It is still a not-ready-for-prime-time version. Sergey Brin isn’t even using it on Mac (but is on Linux)
  • It has been publically available for a month, the only difference is that Google put a pretty download page up yesterday and it has the Chrome tag.
  • It still isn’t nearly complete feature-wise.  It doesn’t run Flash (including Google’ s YouTube), you can’t print from it and can’t change your search provider away from Google (evil?).
  • It is only now getting publicity because of a certain someone.
  • That being said, it is a great first attempt, or was back a month ago when it debuted, and should make a nice addition to your Mac browser arsenal.  It is especially good at being your second Gmail account.  It is also Webkit like Safari which should be mutually beneficial to Apple in making websites standards compliant


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