In his clarification of yesterday’s USA Today article, Google’s Vice President, Mobile Platforms Andy Rubin said: "We look forward to the day when consumers can access any application, including VoIP apps, from any device, on any network."

In case you are wondeering who Andy Rubin is and why you should care:

  • He’s a former Apple Engineer that worked with their first attempted mobile spinoff, Magic Cap in 1994.
  • He founded Danger which built the Sidekick and developed the first app store which was later turned into something pretty special by Apple.
  • When Microsoft bought Danger last year he founded Android which later got taken in by Google to be the basis of their mobile efforts

To say he’s an innovator in the field is a huge understatement, he’s responsible directly or indirectly for a great deal of the advances in mobile technology over the past 10 years. That being said, it is refreshing to hear this type of communication from someone in the mobile industry with some authority.  It will be even nicer to see it put into action.


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