If you think unlocking your car with your iPhone is cool, how about driving your car with an iPhone?

“Spirit of Berlin” is a project of the Artificial Intelligence Group, directed by Prof. Raul Rojas, at Freie Universitaet Berlin. This video shows the projects autonomous car controlled with an iPhone – powered by Appirion, a spin-off of the AI group.

“Team Berlin is our entry to the 2007 Urban Grand Challenge Competition. We are one of the semifinalists selected by DARPA. The core of the team are researchers and students of Freie Universität Berlin working together with our partners from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (IAIS), and Rice University in Houston, Texas and the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico).

“We have been building autonomous robots since 1998. Our group is the two-time world champion and five times European champion in robotic soccer. Our vehicle is up and ready with drive-by-wire technology. Its name is: “Spirit of Berlin”.

We think this is well worth seeing, thanks to gentle reader, Cornelius, for the steer (no pun intended, well, not really)…

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