Besides AT&T tethering and some groovy background images, the iPhone 4 Beta 4 update does have exciting information to share with us.  We are pretty sure the iPhone 4 is going to have a LED Flash, no surprise there:

But maybe some other devices are going to have cameras with a Flash?  iPad?  iPod touch?  it wasn’t immediately apparent from any of the recent prototypes, but there it is, in the iPhoneOS 4 code:

Yep.  iPad with camera Flash.  

Regardless of having a LED Flash, the iPod touch will certainly will have a camera:

And one last one.  We haven’t seen much mention of Mac OS 10.7 until now.  It makes its first appearance in the AVMediaFormat files below.

If Apple is putting 10.7 code into iPhone 4, it means that 10.7 is planned to be released at some point in iPhone OS 4’s lifetime, which starts in June and extends until June 2011.

Thanks AL!

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