High street electronics retailer, PC World has launched its own cloud-based music service for Apple device owners, iPad Media Streaming, beating Apple’s own rumored music locker service aside in one fell swoop. In partnership with Livedrive, the service costs £39.99 per year and lets users stream media to their iPad. Users get 100GB of online music, video and image storing space from which they can stream their content.

Additionally you can even stream music, videos and photos from multiple PCs and Macs to your iPad over your home network, so you can enjoy your media from any computer in any room in your home.

After purchasing the software and service, all customers will have to do is register and install the software on their PC or Mac following the simple on-screen prompts and download the Media Stream app onto their iPad. Their PC or Mac will automatically scan for files to back up and they can then choose what they what to store online.

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