Apple’s loosened-up its deal for AppleCare customers, enabling them to transfer their maintenance and support agreements to new products.

“As of 28 October 2010, customers who want to transfer their AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) coverage to a new product may do so instead of having to cancel the agreement and purchase a new one.”

This isn’t a hugely generous deal, however, as an Apple memo published by BGR warns, “The product originally covered by the agreement must have been purchased within the past 30 days, and the new product must be of the kind that can be covered by that agreement.”

Apple confirmed the news in an internal memo despatched on Monday. The new rule’s expected to extend to all geographies.

Meanwhile, if you’re buying a new Mac, don’t purchase your APP agreements from Apple at the time of purchase unless you’ve checked prices for AppleCare Protection Plans on Amazon first — these are nearly always a great deal cheaper.  Ebay is usually even cheaper than that.

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