Millennial Media just released their monthly mobile device trends report and here is our breakdown. For the month of November Apple led all devices manufactures with 25% of Millennial Media’s network with Samsung and Motorola coming in 2nd and 3rd with 17.3% and 15.33%, respectively. Apple’s iPhone came in first place for the most used mobile device on the network with 14.28% and Apple’s iPod touch came in second place with 8.96% of the network. Motorola’s Droid finished in third with 7.48% of the market and the Apple iPad topped Apple’s offerings with 1.76% coming in at 7th place.

In terms of the most used mobile application categories, games account for 28% of the network while music and entertainment apps came in second with a combined 22%. In terms of what the Millennial Network adverstises on, Android apps represented 54% of the network and iOS represented 38%. Getting into the Android vs. iOS portion of the report Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android tied at 38% for overall ad impressions.

Ad publishers and app developers were surveyed about the platform they intend to support the most in 2011 and the leading response was Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform both tied for second place on the survey. Be sure to check out the top thirty devices graph after the break.

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