Today isn’t a particularly heavy newsday so we thought we’d bring in some small stuff from around the web.  First up is Canon’s new calculator mouse.  I’m not sure I’d use the calculator enough to warrant a switch from my Apple hardware.  Maybe during tax season.

Next up, use an iPhone and brain waves to shift gears on a bike…


Next, Apple is sending a few engineers to an OLED summit (like they wouldn’t want to know the latest in technology?).

ArsTechnica made $15,000 selling their Lion review on the Kindle in just the first 24 hours.  Go Siracusa!

Anonymous/Lulzsec/Wikileaks/etc have Paypal in their sights.  Uh oh.  At least Wikileaks uses Apple.

Members of Lulz are getting arrested now in the UK.

And finally, the new Roku 2 boxes are now shipping. They are $20 cheaper than an AppleTV and have additional services like Amazon Vids, Crackle, Hulu Plus and also offers 1080P res.  You can even play games on higher versions.  Hopefully Apple upgrades AppleTV with some of these features, especially 1080P.

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