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Earlier we brought you a look inside Apple’s secret unboxing room courtesy of Adam Lashinsky’s upcoming book titled “Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired – and Secretive – Company Really Works.” All Things D was able to catch Lashinsky yesterday for a brief interview (non-Flash version here) where he discussed Apple’s lack of cooperation with the book, his process in comparison to the official “Steve Jobs” biographer Walter Isaacson, and he talked more about Apple’s culture of secrecy.

Lashinsky explained his biggest takeaway from writing the book: “Apple, the second most valuable company the world, does business exactly the opposite way that business is taught in business schools…It’s in many ways the antithesis of the image that we have of Google with its bean bag chairs.”

He ended the interview with a quote from the book by former Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple Avi Tevanian who said the following to Lashinsky shortly before Steve Jobs passed:

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“After Steve is gone, the competition still won’t have Steve Jobs.” 

Inside Apple is set for release tomorrow, Jan. 25, with the hardcover available for $16.92 at Amazon (pre-order), $12.99 for the Kindle, and $12.99 on the iBookstore.

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