Following coming under a bit of heat for its report about the iPad running “significantly hotter than” iPad 2, Consumer Reports just published a review of the new Apple TV ahead of its full comprehensive testing. While the review could not help but praise the refreshed set-top box’s 1080p video support, Consumer Report’s “bottom line” is that the device is not worth the upgrade for second-generation Apple TV owners. It also claims the cheaper Roku and D-Link’s Boxee Box offer more content options:

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If you already own a second-generation Apple TV, though, it probably makes more sense to update your player to get the new interface, though you’ll still have to live with 720p output. But those who aren’t so Apple-centric can still get a lot more content choices with another streaming-media player, such as those from Roku and D-Link’s Boxee Box. And in the case of some of Roku’s boxes, you won’t have to spend quite as much for it.

The review does have good things to say about AirPlay, but it also said Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Epix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Spotify and HBO go are primary reasons to go with a Roku or Boxee Box. Other issues not addressed in new Apple TV, according to Consumer Reports: lack of Siri voice control, “remote too small,” no inputs for older TVs or A/V receivers, and lack of USB slots, and SD cards for expanding memory. Hopefully its comprehensive testing includes a more in-depth review of AirPlay features.

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