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Square updated its “Card Case” app with a new design, new name, and a shiny new icon (literally) less than a week after PayPal announced its triangular Square competitor.

Unlike the previous version of the app, which used a credit card metaphor for each store you had an account with, version 2.0, now called “Pay with Square,” uses a list of businesses nearby that accept Square payments and allow you to quickly open a tab at any of them. You can also search a map for nearby Square-compatible businesses and add your favorites to a list for quick and easy access on future visits.

What’s new in Version 2.0, below:

– “Card Case” is now “Pay with Square.” – New UI to make paying with Square faster and simpler. – Discovering merchants you love is now easier than ever. Browse a map to see what businesses are near you, or search by typing the name of a business. – Add businesses you love to your Favorites list. Share with friends, so they can add them too.

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