Apple just announced during its Q2 2012 earnings call that it currently has $110 billion in cash reserves, which is up from $81.5 billion in September 2011. Apple was also up in every other segment with $18.4 billion in short-term marketable securities (up from $16.1 billion) and long-term marketable securities at $81.6 billion, which is up from $55.6 billion in the previous six-month period ending September 2011.

Other numbers that Apple reported today for the quarter:

iTunes and App Store:

-$1.9 billion in iTunes revenue (a 35 percent YOY increase)

-600,000 apps (200,000 iPad specific apps)

iOS devices:

-365 million iOS device sales

-$22.7 billion in revenue from iPhone and accessories

-6.6 billion in revenue from iPad and accessories.

-7.7 million iPod sales

-94 percent of Fortune 500 and 75 percent of global 500 testing or deploying iPad


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-125 million iCloud users—up 25 million from February

Retail Stores:

-$4.4 billion in retail store revenue, up 8 percent

-363 Apple Stores

-826,000 Macs sold in store—half to new customers

-$12.2 million average revenue per-store (up from $9.9 million)

-85 million visitors to retail—18,000 per store, per week

Here’s an info graphic that helps put it all into perspective:

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