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AT&T has announced plans for a consumer home automation and security suite of services that will begin trials this summer. The services, which exist under the “AT&T Digital Life” naming umbrella, can be controlled via mobile devices (including iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches) and on the web. The system allows users to control home features such as thermostats (even individually by room), power outlets, garage doors, lighting, and more. The service also allows users to keep an eye on their home’s security, and the software allows users away from home to turn on security features.

A headline feature of the Digital Life services suite is the ability to detect water leaks. AT&T says that their service is unique in that a user can “take action” to turn off their home’s water supply in order to halt a leak. While AT&T manages and custom-installers the service for customers, non-AT&T customers are fully supported. All of the software tied to the home-automation and security suite can run on any carrier. AT&T provides their own 24/7 security center to augment a user’s ability to check their home’s security from the web-based or smartphone/tablet applications. Trials for the service will kickoff this summer in both Dallas and Atlanta.

Screenshots of the iPhone application are after the break.

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