CNET reports that Samsung has filed a request to the courts to receive details on Apple and HTC’s recent patent lawsuit settlement. As announced by Apple, the settlement with HTC secures a licensing deal for patents for the next 10 years. The deal also means that every lawsuit between Apple and HTC, related to patents, worldwide, has been dropped. Samsung’s interest stems from its loss in the California court against Apple this summer:

Samsung says it wants to see what patents were covered as part of the agreement since there may be some overlap with the ones used in the case between it and Apple, including the ‘381 and ‘915 patents, which cover “bounce back” and scrolling and zooming, respectively.

Robert Becher, an attorney representing Samsung, also noted that Samsung is interested to see whether or not Apple licensed certain “unique” patents that it is yet to license in the past. (Image via DigitalTrends)

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