Trying to save up for a vacation? Or working tirelessly to pay off that pesky loan? Simple’s new app update will help.

Simple is an online bank replacement that has been in the App Store since January 2012. With no monthly fees, mobile check deposits and free ATM locations (through their banking partners), it’s definitely a great alternative to other banking solutions out there. Personally, I made the jump last month by canceling all of my other bank accounts and moving everything to Simple.

With the 1.6 update that came out today, their Goals section is now accessible with the app. Once you set a name, amount, and pay-off date, Simple will siphon off the necessary “daily contribution” from your Safe-to-Spend amount and put the contribution toward your goal. If need be, you can pause the automatic siphoning or change the payoff date, all within the app.

The new version is available right now in the App Store.

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