As noted by several 9to5 readers, Apple has just recently updated its Support pages through to better reflect the redesign the rest of the site has been receiving in recent months.  Today’s update provides a new design for the majority of support pages available through, including: Videos, Manuals, Tech Specs, and Downloads.

Apple used to present these pages using a design that was a few generations behind the rest of the site and displayed links in a search result style list. Today’s update brings a flat grid style layout that allows users to select or search for a product in order to find related manuals, videos, tech specs, etc, but also displays search results by product in the grid layout.’s search result pages also get a cleaner look today to match the recent Apple online store design (pictured below).

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We’ve noticed that Jony Ive’s drastic revamped of iOS 7 isn’t the only place Apple has been putting its new flat design approach to use. Not only did it just recently redesign some of the iTunes marketing material it sends out via email and through the app, it also revamped the online store homepage back in May with a design that is decidedly flat compared to the previous store.

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