AgileBits, the development team behind 1Password for iOS and Mac, announced today that due to an upcoming change in Dropbox’s API, Dropbox syncing in version 3 of the 1Password iOS client will no longer work as of September 1st. Because the old version of 1Password has been discontinued, it will not be updated to work with the new Dropbox API.

Instead, AgileBits is offering the new and improved 1Password 4 at $7.99 the lowest price to date. The sale will last until Friday, August 16th. Since 1Password 4 requires iOS 6, some customers may not be able to update to the latest version. If that’s the case, those users will be glad to know that 1Password 3 will still support Wi-Fi syncing with computers on the same network.

AgileBits has also published a new FAQ document to explain the changes and possible solutions.

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