Today’s update to the iOS Flickr app offers auto-uploading of full-res photos to your private Flickr gallery. Couple this to the 1TB of free storage available and you effectively have a Photo Stream style service that can store over half a million photos, rather than simply the last 1,000.

Flickr introduced the 1TB capacity back in May (with parent company Yahoo offering the same free storage to email users yesterday). If you sync iPhoto with Flickr, you effectively get all the benefits of Photo Stream but with 500 times the capacity. You do need to be careful with this, however: the sync is two-way, so if you delete photos from Flickr, they will also be deleted from iPhoto … 


The updated app also offers auto-straightening of photos via the Flickr editor, and resolves problems some people have experienced signing-in with Google accounts. The last major update to the Flickr app back in August introduced live filters and editing functions.

The Flickr app can be downloaded from iTunes. The app is compatible with iOS 6 also, but you’ll need to be running iOS 7 to get auto-uploads.

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