Back in April, we reviewed Infuse, a media player application by FireCore, the makers of aTV Flash. After several feature updates, and an announcement earlier this year, FireCore today released Infuse 2, an all new version of the application with a completely redesigned user interface and a new pricing structure.

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Taking a look at Infuse 2, it’s clear that the application really was redesigned from the ground up. Aside from layout similarities, the entire app feels completely new and optimized for iOS 7. While the design is very clean and organized, I can’t help but think that the app lost some of the rich character it had before, although I’m not sure that iOS 7’s design aesthetic really supports that level of detail.

Inside Infuse, you’ll find quite a few ways to load media into the application including through your browser, via FTP, iTunes and other apps, or even through network shared drives. It’s quite a bit more comprehensive than when Infuse first launched. Like before, Trakt integration is built in, this time located in a new hamburger menu where you can also access the Infuse Pro upgrade option and settings.

Infuse Pro is FireCore’s new payment model for the app. Instead of a $4.99 initial purchase like before, Infuse is now completely free, with an optional $4.99 in-app purchase which unlocks features such as additional media format support, streaming from other devices, better AirPlay support, and smoother playback for 1080p content, as well as integrated Dolby Digital Plus mobile surround sound. While these features certainly make the $4.99 purchase worthwhile, smooth 1080p playback seems like a relatively standard feature of many media players that would make for a more enjoyable experience for all users if it was bundled with the app for free.

For Infuse 1 customers, the Infuse Pro update is completely free, and for new customers, you can grab the app here for free with an optional in-app purchase.

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