Apple has recently updated its online support portal on with a more modern look and feel. The new design puts easier access to support for each of Apple’s products, with large images and clean lines. The older design (screenshotted below) was much more boxy and cluttered.

In the old layout, customers would have to click through to ‘All Products’ to get help about more obscure products. With the new design, the infinitely scrolling carousel puts everything on the portal homepage. It is also much clearer where to find the Apple communities and access phone support as other aspects of support have been removed completely from the page.

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With the new look, Apple seems to be de-emphasising the videos and manuals in favour of prioritising the essential product support that most customers are looking for. There is clearly an iOS 7 influence here — white, black and flat all over.

The design of the individual product support pages remains the same as before. It is only the home portal that has been updated.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 18.15.12

A screenshot of the previous design for Apple’s support portal.

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