After earlier complaining that the company was being overcharged by the court-appointed lawyer overseeing its compliance with the terms of the ebooks anti-trust ruling, Apple has now brought matters to a head by asking for Michael Bromwich to be removed from the role, reports Reuters.

An attorney for the consumer technology giant on Tuesday asked U.S. District Judge Denise Cote in Manhattan to disqualify Michael Bromwich from serving as an external compliance monitor, arguing he had shown a personal bias against the company.

In a letter to Cote, Apple’s lawyer cited a “wholly inappropriate declaration” filed by Bromwich last month … 


Apple had complained that Bromwich’s $1,100 per hour rate was unreasonable, and gave him a financial incentive to interview Apple execs who were not involved with ebooks and to turn a limited investigation into a far broader one.

A spokesman for Michael Bromwich declined to comment.

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