This week at CES 2014, Allure Energy, makers of a $400 smart thermostat Nest competitor called EverSense, showed off an upcoming add-on to its system that uses Apple’s new Bluetooth LE iBeacon technology. Dubbed “Aura,” the small iBeacons will become an extension to the smart EverSense thermostat by allowing iBeacons to detect iOS devices in proximity and adjust the temperature of a room accordingly. After an initial setup, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature from any room with an Aura iBeacon just by entering the room:

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Traditionally thermostats are placed primarily in hallways and other out of the way places. Often the temperature in the hallway is much different than in other rooms of the home. A comfortable temperature in the hallway doesn’t necessarily ensure comfort when cooking in a crowded kitchen or watching the big game with friends in your living room. Aura for EverSense solves this problem.

Apple was the first to roll-out the new Bluetooth low powered iBeacons technology in its retail stores after first announcing the new technology at its developer conference last year. iBeacons, which can be any small Bluetooth enabled device or iOS devices themselves, will allow businesses and developers to send information to iOS devices in proximity of an iBeacon. Apple is using the iBeacons to send in-store notifications as customers walk by certain areas of the store. Other companies like Macy’s, InMarket, and the MLB have rolled out the technology, and CES also hosted a scavenger hunt during the event this week using iBeacons.

The new Aura iBeacon add-on for EverSense, which also builds in an NFC chip for Android devices, should arrive sometime later this year as a separate purchase for owners of the thermostat. A promo video of Aura is below:

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