An unconfirmed report in China Times claims that Taiwan-based touch panel manufacturer TPK will be making flexible displays for the iWatch, with mass production expected in the second half of the year.

The report said the iWatch will come equipped with a flexible AMOLED display and 3D protective glass. The rumors also speculated that the iWatch will use silver nanowire touch screen technology developed by TPK in conjunction with Japan-based Nissha Printing.

Both the flexible AMOLED and silver nanowire suggest a curved display, but it should be noted that the China Times does not have the best of track records … 


China Times reported in January last year that Apple would be launching a 4.8-inch ‘iPhone Math’ alongside the 5s (admittedly reposting that from the Commercial Times), and in March that Apple would be using a Snapdragon CPU in a lower-cost iPhone.

There’s nothing particularly unlikely about what’s being suggested. A flexible display would help address the challenge of making the iWatch fit different size wrists without looking clunky, and TPK has been a key panel supplier to Apple in the past. There’s just no reason, in the absence of any hard information on actual orders, to believe that this specific report is anything other than speculation.

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