In an extensive interview with Rolling Stone, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen shared that it’s possible he will make the incredibly challenging iOS game available for users again… but with a disclaimer.

As for the future of his flapper, he’s still turning down offers to purchase the game. Nguyen refuses to compromise his independence. But will Flappy Bird ever fly again? “I’m considering it,” Nguyen says. He’s not working on a new version, but if he ever releases one it will come with a “warning,” he says: “Please take a break.”

But is there room for Flappy Bird to return in an App Store saturated with disturbing Flappy Bird clones? Probably so. While it may be (mostly) out of the center of everyone’s attention in headlines and our conversations, I have a number of friends still challenging themselves to top their high score. (Maybe Nguyen was right.) Myself? I gave up before hitting double digits.

Shortly after it went viral (after several weeks mostly undiscovered), Flappy Bird’s developer promised to pulled the game from availability and has since kept that promise creating more demand for the game.

You can read the full interview at Rolling Stone.

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