Images posted on Weibo claim to show an iPhone 6 under testing at Foxconn, via GforGames. The validity of these images cannot be confirmed, but the shots do line up with previous rumours. The iPhone 6 depicted here has a protruding camera (similar to the current design of the iPod touch), rounded edges and a considerably thinner profile than the current iPhone 5s.

Supposedly, these photos come from inside Foxconn itself. Drawings published on Friday reflect these images somewhat. A protruding camera component is part of the schematics, for example. Evidence of a thin chassis for the next-generation iPhone were originally found in January, albeit those pictures were as sketchy as these latest images.

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Fake or not, the rumor mill is definitely converging on an iPhone design that melds together the aesthetics of the iPad mini and the current iPhone 5s with a screen much larger than the current lineup, with screen sizes expected in the 4.7inch and 5.5inch range as reported many times before.

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