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After showcasing how athletes and coaches have been able to utilize the iPad by determining concussions sooner as a part of its ‘Your Verse’ campaign last month, Apple has updated its home page and iPad microsite to tell the story of how the iPad is helping one choreographer find inspiration for his passion…

Specifically, the new story shares Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan’s experience using the iPad Air to capture elements for dance scenes and routines by capturing photos or videos of things that inspire him.

The story profiles specific apps Khan uses including Artemis HD for experimenting with various lens options and SlowPro for slowing down frames and analyzing dance moves.

Part of the story talks about Khan’s ability to replace a bag full of equipment with a single iPad Air.

Choreographing a dance used to involve lugging around cameras, sketchbooks, and stacks of three-ring binders that documented every dancer’s steps. Today Khan uses the one-pound iPad Air.

You can read the full story here including several images and videos from Khan’s experience.

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