Amazon updated its Cloud Drive Photos app today to version 3.0 bringing an iOS 7-friendly and a number of features and improvements. With the redesign comes a new navigation view that now contains toggles between photos, videos, and both. This view also includes a progress bar while uploading photos; previous versions of the app only said that photos were being uploaded, not how many or how long it would take. The progress bar feature works with both automatic and manual photo and video uploads.

In addition to the redesigning navigation and the user interface, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos now features a new timeline view for quickly scrolling through months or years of photos. This feature is similar to Apple’s Moments and Collections view in iOS 7 as well as Dropbox’s new Carousel photo viewing app for Camera Uploads.

The update also delivers background upload improvements with automatically uploading photos and videos as well as fixes for issues with crashing in previous versions.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos 3 is available for free on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.


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