On Apple’s earnings call, Tim Cook directly addresses concerns surrounding iPad. Notably, he calls out Office as helping iPad sales somewhat but ‘frankly’ admits that Microsoft should have released Office for iPad sooner. He says that in the time that Microsoft waited, other companies including Apple have released very-competitive productivity alternates to Office, likely referencing iWork.

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Cook also repeated much of what he has already said about Apple. He said it’s the fastest-growing product in Apple’s history. Across the same time period since launch, iPad has sold as twice as many units as iPhone and seven times as many iPods. In total, 210 million iPads have been sold to date. Cook said that they have “come along way very very quickly”.

He also reiterated his comments about enterprise and education. 98% of the Fortune 500 are deploying iPads and Apple is seeing similar success in education. He says the “match has been lit” — there is a focus on penetration and Cook believes Apple is winning it.

Student achievement is higher with iPad.

As usual, he also stated iPad’s impressive usage statistics — 4x the web traffic of other tablets. Cook concluded by saying that he is “very bullish on iPad” and looks forward to pushing the boundaries in this product line.


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