Shown above are just three of the twelve pages jurors in the Apple vs Samsung patent trial will have to complete to determine the damages due to each company. Apple is claiming a little over $2B from Samsung for alleged infringement of five of its patents, while Samsung is counter-claiming a more modest $40M for claimed violations of two of its patents by Apple.

It could yet get worse: while Apple has objected to the complexity of the form, which asks jurors to determine which patents have been violated by which individual device models, Samsung has argued that the form need to be even more comprehensive, originally arguing for a 34-page form.

The detailed breakdown is designed to prevent a repetition of the previous patent battle between the two companies, where Apple was initially awarded $1B in damages before $450M was cut, with a retrial ordered to look again at the damages awarded for some of the patents. The retrial awarded Apple $290M instead for that portion of the case, giving Apple a revised total award of $930M.

Judge Lucy Koh is expected to rule on the final format of the form by the end of the day, and the jury is due to begin deliberations on Monday.


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