Swiss-based watch maker Swatch is not thrilled about an impending Apple wearable device or the rumored name “iWatch.”:

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The company is seeking to block Apple trademarks for the name “iWatch” because of its own line of watches called “ISwatch.” A representative for Swatch told Watson:

We assess the likelihood of confusion as given, the marks are confusingly similar. In all countries where the mark is registered, we go against it before.

While Swatch says it will fight the trademarks, the watch maker will not give specifics as to how it plans to do so. According to U.S. government filings, Swatch has moved in the past to block companies from registering the iWatch trademark:

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Apple has trademarked the word iWatch in several countries, including Japan, Mexico, and Turkey. The iWatch is expecting to arrive as soon as later this year and include health and fitness functionality.

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