Japanese paper Nikkei has published a new report on their website comparing the mockups of the iPhone 6 to their supply chain sources. As translated by GforGames, the report says that while the mockups offer a good estimate of the final design, some key details are omitted.

Many of the things claimed in the report are obvious discrepancies, like button misalignment, but the report hones in on the antenna design (which has been critiqued by some readers) specifically. It says that the final iPhone 6 may not feature the ‘stripes’ at all, claiming that these simply mark out an area for glass materials to replace the aluminium frame, just like the iPhone 5s. Another possibility is that the stripe appearance is still present, but the stripes will be made out of attractive highly-polished glass.

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The newspaper also claims that the Apple logo effect will be created differently to the 5s, a detail not present in any of these mock-ups. On the 5s, the aluminium is polished and engraved to make the Apple shape stick out. Nikkei says that Apple will physically cut out the Apple logo in the metal this generation. This matches up with frame leaks from a few weeks ago.

Other claims by the paper seem more like guesses than ‘solid’ source-based reporting, and their credence is highly circumspect. For instance, the paper notes that it expects to see a curved display in the iPhone 6, to follow the curved body of the device. This is perhaps interesting as Bloomberg said that Apple was to introduce a curved-glass iPhone in 2014 late last year. More recent supporting evidence for this theory is non-existent however.

Apple is expected to introduce two models of iPhone, with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens, around September.

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