Earlier this week, Apple released OS X 10.9.4 with various enhancements and bug fixes for wake-from-sleep and WiFi connectivity. In addition to those fixes, many professional video editors who use Mac Pros are reporting that graphics rendering and performance issues found in the preceding OS X 10.9.3 have been resolved. Graphics card incompatibility issues with 2013 Mac Pros bundled with AMD D700 and D500 graphics engines resulted in videos stalling during the exporting process, pink and green lines appearing in exported video, and various application crashes and freezes with key video production apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve


In a blog post last week, Adobe acknowledged the problems, and a follow-up update today points users to forum posts with comments claiming that 10.9.4 resolves the issues. As can be see in the comments from the Adobe forums above, users are having success with running Premiere Pro on 10.9.4 Mac Pros.

Likewise, users on forum CreativeCow are reporting luck with video editing on 10.9.4 with the Adobe apps:


As for the software from Blackmagic, users in the Blackmagic forums also reporting that all problems have been solved by the 10.9.4 update:


With 10.9.3 some users also reported problems with multiple displays, and some readers on 10.9.4 are also reporting that fixes for those bugs are in place. Obviously, it is great news that Apple has been able to rectify two of the most significant pain points for Mac Pro users in 10.9.3.

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