Since Apple introduced iBeacon functionality alongside iOS 7, several different use cases have popped up allowing various retailers, sporting venues, and others to interact with visitors’ devices using the technology. Deploying iBeacon support enables iPhone users to receive relevant information through apps based on very specific location without taking a major hit to the device battery.

European airline easyJet is doing just that with the latest update to their smartphone app. Available today, easyJet will now allow user to receive in-app interactions using iBeacon technology powered by Estimote “to enhance the in airport experience”. The airline says support for using the new iBeacon-backed features in its iPhone app will be supported at select airlines across its network as it rolls out the feature this summer.

While various retailers, museums, sports arenas, and others have began testing iBeacon support, easyJet is one of the first airlines we’ve seen adopt the new technology. The latest version of easyJet’s iPhone app is available today on the App Store.

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